Friday, August 10, 2012

Packing and moving

We moved from Oregon to Wyoming last week. Moving is never too fun, and I thought I'd had plenty of experience with moves, as I moved 5 times from the start of my Freshman year to the beginning of my Sophomore year, but it turns out that moving several states away is quite a bit worse. Particularly if you are leaving a small town you have lived in for over twenty years.

But Joel (whom I usually call the Man on this blog, if you are confused) and I managed to get it all done pretty well, I think.

Though our apartment got a bit chaotic with all of the boxes and piles.

Luckily we had quite a lot of family members there to help us pack boxes and lift heavy things. Also, my parents were very kind and let us use their driveway as a loading station.

We decided that the best fit for us was to order a pair of Uhaul uboxes, which are sort of like a big crate that you can get shipped to your house, and then Uhaul ships it to your new location, or stores it in a warehouse. Since we did not want to drive a big truck, and since we didn't have a final address yet, these were a perfect solution. 

This is a picture of me in our living room probably two weeks before the move. We'd started packing, but just enough that it made the apartment chaotic.

The living room at the end of the first day of packing. Quite a bit better, but it still looked pretty bad.

And here is the living room after the second day of packing. It looked so much nicer! But also weird, because we'd lived in this apartment for two years, and leaving our old home felt really surreal.

The way the furniture was packed in the Ubox meant that I had to climb onto the furniture in order to fit the rest of the gear. 

This is a picture of one of the fields a few miles from where we lived. We left a valley full of rolling green fields, and have arrived safely to Wyoming, which is also beautiful, but in a more rugged way.

It sort of feels like a chapter of our lived has ended (and like I am speaking in cliches) but I am excited to start my PhD program.

Later, I will post photos of the actually trip to Wyoming.


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  2. I think it’s great that you started with the packing two weeks before the actual move, Melissa. Doing all the work as early as possible can lessen all the stress of packing/moving, and everyone can focus on organizing all the important materials and equipment to avoid confusion and loss of your belongings during the unpacking.

    Tyrone Obey